Get excited London : there is a three-day weekend ahead ! For this special occasion, Street Feast returns to Kingsland Road on May 1st for a summer-long stretch of night markets.

The tempting line-up of street food favourites includes flavour-packed Korean burritos from Kimchinary, delicate Taiwanese buns from Bao London, crisp fried chicken from Spit and Roast and juicy burgers from Mother Flipper, among many others.

If you can get there before 7pm as you’ll enjoy better this place, when it’s free, there’s no queue outside and it’s not too busy. The entry is £3 after 7pm and soon fills up – even if the yard is pretty big, with plenty of seating (but if you want to be sure of a seat to go with your dinner, the table service at one of the Dalston Yard Diners might appeal) and half covered over with a roof.

So many food stalls to choose from, all with nice compact menus and no less than four bars ! It’s a great place to try a variety of yummy new things all together while enjoying the east London buzz.

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