A good deal for ladies: the Drinki app


Unfortunately, when you are a student or in your early twenties and say « I live in London » it is kind of a synonymous for « I am totally broke » ☹. But ladies, we have good news for you today! If I told you that there is an app that allows you to get a free drink in a bar every night of the week in the english capital, what would you say? THANK YOU! Yes I was pretty sure of that 😉

Drinki, how does it work ?

You can get the app both on the Apple Store and Android. You need a Facebook account to download it and over 18 years old (obviously). Drinki covers not only the city of London but also Manchester and Liverpool bars which is good to know if  you are planning to go there for a ride.
Once the application is downloaded, you just have to select on the map of the city one of the bars using Drinki. In exchange for a post on your Facebook wall about the bar you have chosen, the bartender will give you your free drink.

The goal is to offer one free drink per night, not to allow you to go pub crawling for free because the bars need to make a living as well! This is the reason why the bars using Drinki are generally scattered within the same area, or even quite far from each other.

You must also know that you can see directly on the app what is the free drink of the day. This can avoid you to go out for the Cosmopolitan that you hate. At any time of the day the bar can change the free drink, but don’t worry, the information is instantly relayed on the application.

Ohh I almost forgot! Drinki is a FREE app (and we hope that it will always be) as well for you as for the bar, which gets a bit of pub on your Facebook page. Everyone finds his groove and having a little drink in exchange for a facebook post is not too much to ask right ?

Remember ladies, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, so don’t drink excessively.

PS : Guys don’t be upset or disappointed, we promise we’ll try to find a good deal only for you next time ☺

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