“We have each other back”, Océane & Noémie, 21


HLT: Why did you choose London ?

Noémie : After my two-year technical degree in sales and negociation skills, I felt the next step was to learn english. London was the safest and closest option to do that. Australia was out of reach and too many things can kill you there.

Océane: We first worked in Nice, France to put some money on the side and come to London. London seemed full of opportunities with endless possibilities.

HLT: Why did you decide to come together? 

O: At first, I was on my own and wanted to come to London to work as an au-pair girl. I didn’t find a co-operative bachelor degree and working as an au-pair required some previous experiences with children I did not posess.

N: I wanted to come to London for a language study program but it turned out to be too expensive. So we decided to go to London together to raise our chances and to have each other back. We were already living in Nice together and we knew that together we could do it.

HLT: So what was your plan?

N: I first focused on the social network to see what was needed to move in London.

O: I browsed the internet website in the first place and then went on the Facebook group called “Le cercle des français” and by the time we decided to move to London, I knew everything that we had to do. Then, we came across House London Trip and the positive feedback we received conviced us.

N: We were afraid to make the first step as our english level was not sufficient to be sure to get some accomodation. With some help, we decided to go through with it.

HLT: What happened next?

O: After settling in our accomodation, I wanted to spend at least one week to enjoy and visit London. Soon after our arrival, I started to apply for jobs. Unfortunalely, I didn’t receive my voice mail at first and missed some opportunities.

N: I found a job in a restaurant in Camden town very soon after our arrival. Océane applied for the same job and we worked there for a bit. Work became too hard so we had to quit quickly. The language barrier was really difficult to overcome in the beginning.

HLT: What do you want to experience now ? 

O: After experiencing some jobs that were not up my alley, I found one in an international call center. The issue is that I’m speaking in French and have not many opportunities to speak in english. I think my next course of action will be to work until the summer to save some money and then enjoy the summer months to visit London and meet people.

N: I now work in an italian restaurant with an international team and can develop my english skills with the people I meet on the work.

HLT: What advice could you give to those who want to settle in London?

O: I would advise them not to do the experience alone as it is easier to have each other back. We’ve been together for a few years now with Noémie and I believed I could have not make it with another person.

N: I believe everyone should do experiment London at least once and going through with it build character.  It takes some courage in the beginning but it is worth it.

You just have to do it and enjoy !

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