Zone 3 is not the end of the world


If you are wondering where to live in London, then Zone 3 offers an interesting compromise between two worlds. On the one hand, residential areas in Zone 3 are still reasonably near to Central London and you can easily get to your destination in Central London thanks to new transport links. On the other hand, Zone 3 can feel a little bit more suburban but with all the facilities Central London posess.

Zone 3 also presents a great advantage over its more hectic Zone 1 and 2 counterparts.

Adresses in Zone 3 are on average 41 per cent cheaper than Zone 2. Zone 3 is currently booming as it benefits from high street makeovers and business hubs on top of the growing transport facilities.

Wages in London are most of the time failing to keep up with skyrocketing rental rates, that’s why we assist increasingly to an exodus to Zone 3. That’s the best way to cope with soaring Central London rental rates.

As a result, people find that thay have a better quality of life, nicer homes and activities are cheaper.

The allure of providing cheaper accomadation has obviously drawn big business as Outer London and especially Zone 3 present an investment opportunity. If Londoners decide to move out of Zone 1 or Zone 2, they will be met by an increase in property opportunities in Zone 3.

Now it’s high-time to move on to serious business. We selected, in our humble opinion, some of the best neighborhoods you should live in while you rent accomodation in the lovely Zone 3 of London.

STRATFORD (East London)

UPDATE: As of January 2016, Stratford now belongs in zone 2.


Currently hailed as one of the most promising areas in London, Stratford is home to one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe as well as to University of East London which guarantees many, many bars (very important) and an excellent atmostphere and affordable student housing. The Jubilee line links it directly to Central London.

GREENWICH (South London)


Greenwich, located along the river Thames is a very picturesque area. With its very peculiar University of Greenwich, its village style and friendly atmosphere, Greenwich is a popular choice among students and young professionals.



At the very edge of Zone 2, you can find the neighborhood of Turnpike Lane. Surrounded by Wood green high street and its spread-out mall and on the other side by Green Lanes and its hundreds of good Turkish shops and cafes, Turnpike Lane offers the residential quiet only 25 minutes away from Central London with the Piccadilly Line.



Golders Green is a north-west suburb, home to a sizeable Jewish community and usually much quieter than Hampsteadand Brent Cross down the road. Come nightfall, though, it bursts into life, with many cafés and food stores staying open until the early hours.

There are many more good neighborhoods in Zone 3 with an average rental price cheaper than in Zone 2 and obviously Zone 1. By adding an extra £5 to your travelcard every week, how much would you save in renting expenditures ? Do the math and you will see it is much more affordable to live in Zone 3 where you enjoy the village-like atmosphere not so far away from Central London.

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