What is the Brexit?

Let’s speak about serious things. We know you have lots of questions and maybe worries about the future results of the Brexit. So we decided to clear the main subjects for you to understand and to learn more about the effects.

What is the Brexit? 

The word Brexit is an abbreviation of “British exit” which refers to the referendum of 23th June 2016 about the UK’s exit in the European Union. You have two opposite sides in this referendum, the side “Remain” which wants to stay in the Europe union and the side “Leave” which wants obtain the independence from the European union. After the vote’s results, “Leave” won by 52% to 48% for the side “Remain”.



What are the consequences? 

What happens now? For now, nothing, keep in mind we have two years to discuss and organize the referendum’s consequences between the United Kingdom and the European Union, more precisely for us with France. Lots of things will depend on the future negotiations; however, we can try to clear for you some questions you could have about your situation.


  • About the work situationWork Hour Law

According to Deborah David, lawyer specialist in employment law, the work’s contracts shouldn’t be touched because every contract is adapted in accordance with the conditions of the employment law of each country. We are currently 300 000 French expatriates living in United Kingdom, and around 225 000 in London (called the 6th city in France).

So to insure a stability and to reduce the negative effects for the expatriates there are three eventualities: – possibility to create new bilateral agreements between France and United Kingdom.accords-bilateraux-suisse-UE-800x500_c

        – reactivate the old convention between France and United Kingdom (1956).

        – UK’s adherence to the European Economic area.

But as the UK’s neighbour, France should obtain a special favour for the expatriates’ workers.

  • About the students

About the situation for the students, during 2016-2017 nothing will change according to the president of the president’s universities conference Jean-Loup Salzmann. United Kingdom is the second reception country in the world with 6800 French students. At this moment, Swiss students have lots of agreements with UK, so we have the possibility to obtain specials agreements for French students too.


  • About your entrance on the territory

passeport-francaisAccording to the question of Passport/Visa, you can still come in the United Kingdom with your ID card from France. This question will depend on the negotiations between the two countries. So for now don’t worry about that, it’s not an obstacle to move in London to study or to work! Moreover, this debate about the hardening of the borders concerns more the immigrates from the east countries like Bulgaria or Rumania. France has lots of chance to obtain a special treatment like they did with Switzerland. We don’t have to be worried about that because lots of exchange exist between our country and UK so for their interest it’s better to keep this situation.

  • About the taxes and the social welfare

At this moment, nothing will change about the taxes because the agreements on this subject are external to the European Union, it’s just between United Kingdom and France. So something else more that you don’t need to worry about.socia_welfare

Moreover, the decisions about the social welfare will be debate during the negotiations so for now you don’t have any modification too.



  • About the exchange EUR/GBP (example numbers Wednesday 27 July 10:54am)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.54.27 am

After the announcement of the UK’s exit, we can see the exchange rate EUR/GBP more and more higher. Actually the day of the decision to leave, the exchange rate EUR/GBP increased of 6%. That means it could be very interesting to convert euros to livre sterlings. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 5.22.18 pm

  • About the pensions

Currently the European’s expatriates can transfer their contributions in their respective country. A French who paid contributions to the UK receives all his quarters, so this principle will be a part of the negotiations. But the expatriates who paid contributions for a long time could have a particular status in their situation. 


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