“The London’s experience is unique and inclusive”, Nathan 21


Discover today Nathan’s interview, in London since 6months now, he share with us his experience and advices to settle in the capital.

 HLT : Hello Nathan, why did you choose London?

 NATHAN : I have always been interested  by the idea of living abroad, I have tried the Canada but  it didn’t worked then I had the opportunity to go in London with my university which offers a partnership with the COVENTRY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. I have been in London before and I really enjoyed it.


HLT : What was your plan?

NATHAN : First I had to contact the university which send me diferent condition to be admit which was to succeed at IELTS and to validate my degree. I had to make some procedures with my bank. I was worried about some paperworks, when you really don’t know what to do in a new city , it can be a bit scary.

Middle of August I  posted an announcement to find a flat in « Le cercle des français à Londres ». Chakir ( House London Trip) contacted me by proposing to call me and talk, he really helped me by giving me advices about London in general and all the formalities. After reflection I decided to sign with them. Two-three days before my arrival, we did some Skype viewing of diferent accommodation and the first was the good one, a room found at 25 min by underground from my university. I was really happy.


HLT : Why did you go through an agency ?

NATHAN : Its was not planned at the beginning but is relieved me and I really apreciate them. I didn’t want to arrive in London and search for an accommodation with all my luggages. I thought that room quality might be better, less risk to fall in a fraud. Moreover I have received all the answer I was asking myself and they guided me about London, advices from people who lived here from a long time are very good to take when we arrive in a new city.


HLT : How was your installation ? Did you meet any difficulties ?

NATHAN : When I settled my first feeling was «Why am I here? I’m alone,, is my english level will be enough?». Stress before leaving and on the spot is very diferent. When I was established I went out and I enjoyed a party, in this way relaxed, met people, it was one of the best night I had in London, it breaks down with this lost feeling in this big town.  Since even if our two countries are neighbors, culture are completely diferent but you meet people easily.

Finally even if we are scared or stressed at first, when the first fews weeks has passed it becomes clear that here everything is more simple, it exist a real community and a real connection between people.

HLT : In which field are you working today ? What is your professional project.

NATHAN : I’m currently in an Global Business Bachelor. This year London gave me several opportunities. I created a French group on campus. I carry out lot of networking with French companies. I met several start up. Here, they is a real mutual support between people, is very present and the social contact is more easy than in France.

I would like to work in public relations in a  multinational marketing company, that allows me to travel.

HLT : At this moment what do you feel about your  actual experience ?

NATHAN : When you arrived in London, there is the excitation of the departure but you really have this feeling about “what you are doing here?”, it’s just a moment to pass. At my university I  made lot of contacts with people. I had already received several jobs offers, work is everywhere here, it is just enough to look for or just walk around and there are offers everywhere. If you have an opportunity to leave your home country, grasp it, the first few weeks might sounds difficult but then London’s experience is really amazing ! After 5 months here, I still had a lot of things to discover.


HLT : What advice could you give to those who want to settle in London?

NATHAN : London may seem impressive like the other big cities regarding to the administration paperwork. But you don’t have to be scary about the financial part, like I said before this town is not lacking of offers. With the French community we always meet persons. This first difficult few weeks will go through and then the London life begin.

To come in London, you have to be open minded, you really have to enjoy every moment and don’t work all the time! There are a lot of things to discover here.

We hope this article will help and inspire you to discover this amazing city.

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