“London city ‘s energy motivates me”, Emmanuelle founder at YUKAN


This week we met Emmanuelle, entrepreneur and founder of YUKAN, a personnalized life coaching service where each one can find his way and  give us ressources to suceed.

Discover her  interview !

After some experiences  in various sectors, in particular  operational management or  fashion industry , Emmanuelle finally ending up with Marks&Spencer as a project manager since 6 years now.

In 2015, while she is in Sri Lanka for business, she realizes that her body is exhausted and she is very stressed even though she didn’t know.  When she came back home, Emmanuelle discover meditation « Vedic » that permitted her to cure the chronic insomnia she suffers since 15 years. Rested, she attends to an open public weekend of life coaching organized by the coaching academy; it was a real revelation for her, “coaching is done for me”.

Now in part time with M&S, her company Yukan will celebrate soon the first anniversary ! Lot of people asked : « What is the life coaching? » She answered that is hard to explain, it’s something that you live. A coach is someone who questionning you, chalenge you and listen you but which remains neutral and who will not judge your answers. Having set objectives the purpose is to advance and progess at this objective without looking back. In sum someone that allows you to discover a new reflection level, of perception and of awareness on that can be a problem.”


When you do life coaching you have to be very mindful. First, it’s important to understand the person and the way him/her reflects.

« I help my clients to start their business, gain confidence, feeling better in their body and create better relationships at work like at home. I love to meet people! When you really love what you do, you don’t care about working  for hours. In addition, most of my consultations are online that allow me not to stay always at the same place. »
« My clients are various, English as well as French. I coach also a few entrepreneurs, we know that stress in the workplace is very present; I organize some workshops, it’s an interesting way to develop group work, relational and build a network. »

WOULD YOU be able to do the same in France?

Hard to say, I’m in London for so long now. What I like the most here is the city’s energy, it really motivates me.  Entrepreneurs really have to develop their business in London, I really encourage them, there are so many diferent networks here for everyone. Connections between people, knowledge and skills exchange are very important, everything cannot be purchased, try the experience.
Now  I start thinking of returning to France, I have the impression that I’m not enjoying London as it was at the beginning and I really need sun I think ! 🙂 Even if I do not hide the fact that it’s going to be hard to go back to France, I start a business which no need me to be at the same place, all my clients are online (expect when they ask to see me face to face) so why not going back there but with an international network as clients.

After all, life is too short to ask too many questions !

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Hope this interview will help you to find your way ! 🙂

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