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what is it ?

After the succeed of the first two editions, the London Beer Week is coming back on March 13 to 19. More beer, more breweries, more parties and, consquently, a lot more fun as well. Enjoy beers from all around the world, whatever they are lagers, browns or red. This is going to be the beer highlight of 2017.

Discover London Beer Week with two options, the Beer Tour we’ll be focusing on different breweries in London. These tours are super flexible, and relatively unguided, so you can go at your own pace and start and finish wherever suits you the most. Want to learn how beer is made? How to taste beer like an expert? How to pair beer with food? There’s an event for everyone.

The second is The Beer Edit a hub with fantastic pop-ups, visiting breweries and immersive beer-experiences. Thursday 16 – Saturday 18th of March, it’s taking over the entire Oval Space in East London, creating an incredible beer village.


Enjoy the London Beer Week on March 13 until the 19th.

  • Find more informations and prices for the London Beer Week Tours.
  • Find more informations and prices for the London Beer Week Edit .
  • If you want to learn more about bars which celebrate the London Beer Week, click here.
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s day during the LBW with the Guiness party.So we have a messgae to beer lovers would you succumbing to this unique adventure ? Prepare your wallet but especially your liver and enjoy beers with or without moderation.




what is it?

The Head river race is part of one of the most sporting tradition in London. The first race took place in 1926, it was invented like as a mean for crew to train in long distances during winter. This event is the ocasion to mark the beginning of the spring by coming to cheer the 400 crews from around the world from Australia to Austria.

Boats are handled by eight men rowing on 4,25 miles (6,8km) and fighting for the first place of the championship. Usually the last year winner have to be the first to move following by the others at 10-second intervals.


Cheer the diferents crew on March 25th from 2:15PM. Ensure to be there early if you want to see something.


The race is from Mortlake to Putney. Entry is free. However if you want to sign up or know the differents informations about admissions we invite you to go on the website, Head of the river race 2017.




what is it?

Mothers Day is an other ocasion to offer some chocolates, gifts or flowers in sum one more day to pamper you. So if you wants to thanks your mother to be the best mom in the world, you can find in London a lot of things to do.

Start your day with  My Old Dutch‘s pancakes or give her a breakfast in bed with one of this delicious cakes  and flowers. Then take her to choose a dress in one of the shopping centers in town. If you are hungry try the afternoon tea experience. After that bring her to relax in a spa. After that and with her new dress take her in a restaurant, which celebrate this day like the Ma’Plucker or The Blue door and if you want to make something which really make her happy why not the R.S Hispaniola or the London Sky Bar.

Take the opportunity to keep her happy, after all you have the choice. Don’t need to specify it is no specific day to love and make gifts to mummy.


England celebrate Mothers day on March 26th.


Everywhere in the town, in parks, restaurants that we recommend to book in advance.
Finally for those who are far why not send a SMS, a e-mail or a letter or if she’s expert in high-tech  What’s app,  Facetime or Skype.


So you just have to choose where you want to go and Enjoy !

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