The BREXIT is set up


This 29th of March will mark a turning point in the country history with the official divorce launch between United Kingdom and the European Union.

What will happen this Wednesday 29th ?  

Concretely, United Kingdom will send a letter to Bruxelles to inform them, they want and they are going to leave the EU and thus initiate the process.  This letter will launch the beginning of the negotiations. Negotiations which will not be easy for the reason that lot of questions stay still to this day opening, like European living in United Kingdom statuts. The President of European Council Donald Tusk announces that it will introduce in the next 48 hours “the draft guidelines of BREXIT for the 27 member’s states of EU”. The actual negotiations should only begin six or eight weeks after the British activation.


What about the European citizens?

Priority will be now “create as many certainty and clarity as possible for every citizens, every companies and every states members that will be impacted negatively by the BREXIT, as well as our important partners and friends around the world”. For the time madam May has not provided any information but the fate of European citizens is a high priority. The agreements must be taken in understanding with the state members of EU, she would like obviously protecting the British citizens which are installed everywhere in Europe.  It should in any case to expect hard negotiations which will be really active in July 2019. We are talking about the free circulation of goods but there will be no free circulation of goods without free circulation of people.

The road will be long towards the exit, because it’s not a sample agreement, everything has to be reviewed, services, people, companies but also British people living in EU.

Like the conservatives deputy Philip Davies said, “Nobody would dream about to expel anyone has been arrived here legally”.


What about Scotland?

The Scotland minister have threatened to organize a new independence referendum if the interests of his nation are not taken into account, remember that Scotland have voted for 62% in favor of “no”.  Today the Scotland parliamentary will be authorized their first minister Nicola Sturgeon to ask London support to organize this consultation, she would consider for the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.


What is next?

Bruxelles declared that 27 states members of EU will meet in April 29th for a special summit, to determine the negotiating framework. The parties will have until 2019 to get along but the talks could be extended by mutual agreement. Diving thus EU in a state of uncertainty, it will be the first time in history that a member slaps the door.  

Among hot topics appear the EU exits invoices, indeed Bruxelles may require to British 60 milliards of euros. But the fate of European citizens living in UK will be a highest priority. At this day madam May refuses to guarantee their rights without having obtained similar assurances for British citizens.

From an economic point of view, it’s impossible to say what s gonna happen. EU will lose one of three great powers and one of the most  important financial place in the world.


We will have more information on March 29 but also on April 29, with the EU special summit. Meanwhile two years it’s a long road and who knows what the future will bring so our advice is to visit UK ( you only need your ID card) and take every advantage of this amazing London’s adventure without fear of being arrested at the border ;). EU didn’t say, yet ,their last word to Miss BREXIT.


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