Summer is coming: it’s time to get back into shape!


Summer is coming and you are afraid about won’t be able to wear your stevedores or your swimsuit? Don’t panic, you will sweat and redraw quietly your abdominal before summer!



Whatever is your favorite sport, London will delights you with its large selection of outdoors and indoors courts, public or private adapted to each budget and lifestyle.

Easy to access and subscriben sport gym are highly frequented by Londoners to decompress after a long day work,  they have the advantage of being open 24/24 and located everywhere in the city. It will be your chance to meet some people and to taste several sports in one of many sport centers in the town, in the best case your job will give you access to a gym room in your workplace.

Here are some good sports gym you can find in London, the advantage of this sports gym, in addition to open 24hours, is subscriptions which are often without engagement;

  • Pure Gym, find more than 20 clubs in London
  • The Gym, more than 30 clubs in London
  • Easy Gym, find 8 sports gym in London
  • Pay as you gym, this pass allows you to reload a card following your necessities

The Sports centers:



London offers a multitude of area and places where you get the chance of practice some sports, like basketball, tennis, football or others sports. But with the warmer weather arriving we want to enjoy the sun and what better to practice sport that we love in tanning. Once again London will enjoy you with outdoors, below are a few:

To find more outdoors near you;

You can try Regent’s Park too which include football, softball, rugby and cricket courts.


BROWSE the city

You would like breathe the tune of the city, no more best than a little footing after a hard day, let’s go in the one of bigger park in the city like Hyde ParkRegent’s ParkRichmond ParkVictoria Park who offers hectares for you to have fun. Let you lead as well along the thames while admiring the city.

if you are a tireless runner why not chalenge you with one of many workout trail in London like Primrose hillHolland Park , Paddington , Kennington or find the best park near your home.


For every athletes

We have find three events as well for every sports lovers, you’re going to spend and give the best of you at “BOOT CAMP” of “pret a train” if you are more dancing and training at the same time, you can test the “BACHATA BOOT CAMP or if you like fitness and you would like meet people, don’t forget the Fitness training.

Don’t forget as well the annual London’s marathon who assembled around 30 000 persons, it  will take place on April 23rd and will cover more than 40 km in all the city.

Illustration Marathon
Come on and let’s go with three, four friends to do it like in “baywatch” on the beach because summer is coming!


Find our informations in House London Trip.


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