Sporting events in London this summer!

Summer is back and so are many sporting events in London! There won’t be Olympic Games this year, but you can go to British sporting events such as polo or cricket games, or prefer the tennis courts to see Andy Murray playing at home or other sports’ legends such as Federer or Djokovic!



25th June

If you want to attend a low-priced polo match, let’s go to the Ham Polo Club. Actually, the tickets are sold for £5,90 and there are games every Sunday during the summer. The Ham Polo Club has been established in 1926 and is the last remaining club of London’s twelve existing clubs in the 20th century. It’s located between Richmond Park and the River Thames.

However, the biggest London’s polo events are held at the Guards Polo Club, which is about 1:30 away from Central London. The Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup Final will occur on Sunday the 25th of June and you can buy tickets here. The events and fixtures calendar is to be found here.



Cricket – One-Day Cup Final – Lord’s

1st July

If you want to see a very British sporting event, the One-Day Cup Final will occur on Saturday the 1st of June at Lord’s. If you don’t know the rule of the game, here is a quick summary.

Cricket is a sport played with a ball and a bat. Two teams of 11 players each meet on a oval field and there is a pitch in the middle of it. Teams play successively bat or field and vice versa. Batsmen play offense whereas bowlers, fielders and wicket-keepers play in defence. The batsmen have to defend their wicket which is a set of 3 stumps and 2 bails, and they have to do as many runs as possible between the two wickets to score points (before the ball is caught by the other team). If the ball is thrown outside the field without touching the ground, the player scores a Six, it’s the equivalent of a homerun in baseball. If the ball is thrown outside the field but touch the ground, it’s a Four. If the ball is caught in mid-air by a player of the other team, the batsman is eliminated. When the team playing in defence has eliminated 10 batsmen, or when all the runs have been completed, it’s time to switch roles. Cricket’s meetings last for hours.

It’s possible to attend many cricket’s meetings this summer. You can find all the fixtures on Lord’s’ Facebook page.


Baseball – Hyde Park

4th July

During the British Summer Time (BST-Hyde Park), a baseball match will be organized in Hyde Park! The Red Sox of Boston will face the Dodgers of Los Angeles, which are two emblematic US baseball teams. Some of the greatest baseball players such as  Carlos Peña, Cliff Floyd and Shawn Green will be there. It’s a unique event which might mark the arrival of baseball in Europe. This sporting event is free and will last from 5pm to 10pm.


tennis – Wimbledon

3-16th July

The Championships Wimbledon takes place every year in the district of Wimbledon, south west London. It’s one of the greatest sporting event in England and in tennis. Wimbledon is one of the four tournaments of the Grand Slam, the others are the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. This tournament has been created in 1877 and is played on grass courts.

You can buy tickets for Wimbledon on the day of the event but you will have to queue up in order to get one (more infos : here).

Hundreds of tickets are also sold on the day before the event on the website ticketmaster.


Athletics – London anniversary Games – London Stadium

9th July

London Grand Prix, or Müller Anniversary Games is a huge sporting event in athletics and this year, it will be held in the former Olympic Stadium (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park). It’s part of the IAAF Diamond League, which is a series of track and fields meetings which is organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Buy tickets : here.



14-23rd July

World Para Athletics Championships were created in 1994 and are organized every two years by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) (before 2011, it was every 4 years). This year will be the 8th occasion of this sporting event and it will take place in London, in the Olympic Stadium of Stratford.

Buy tickets: here.




4-13th August

World championships in athletics happen every two years and will be held in the London’s Olympic Stadium this year. This championship is also organized by the IAAF and is one the most covered sporting events in the world. There will be many disciplines such as high jump, 100m, pole vault and many more. A marathon will occur on the 6th of August, you can find the video of the circuit race here.

Buy tickets : here.


Football – Premier League 2017/2018

12th August

The return of the Football Premier League will also be in August. It’s the major football competition in England. Five clubs of London participate in the Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and West Ham. You can attend one of the many match games that will take place in London.

If you want to buy tickets for a game, you have to buy them directly with the club. The list of the websites is to be found here.


Rugby – Challenge Cup Final – Wembley

26th August

The Challenge Cup (also known as the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup) is a competition organized by the Rugby Football League (RFL) and gather amateur, semi-professional and professional clubs from different nationalities which are English, Scottish, French and Russian. This sporting event occurs every year and was created in 1986. The final of tournament has been held in Wembley Stadium since 1945 and is one of the greatest rugby events. The final will be broadcasted on BBC Sport channel.

Buy tickets : here.


So ? Will you go to tennis courts and football fields or will you prefer crickets’ games and polo races ?


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