Street Art in London!

This Summer, forget about the museums during the sunny days and let’s walk in London’s streets looking for street art’s master pieces. If you like street art, you won’t be disappointed as the capital counts a lot of paintings and graffiti on every street corner.

Shoreditch and Brick Lane

What  comes first to your mind when you think about street art in London is Shoreditch and Brick Lane. It’s an unmissable place of street art and it’s worldwide known. Artists such as Banksy, D*Face and Ben Eine left their marks there. The paintings often change, so each of your visit will be different from the previous one. It’s also possible to do a Shoreditch street art tour in order to discover the best outdoor paintings in London. So, let’s go to Brick Lane and the streets nearby to enjoy master pieces.



Camden Town is known for its markets and its punks but this borough is also famous for its atypical front windows and the many tags that decorate the walls. Camden Town is a mandatory detour if you want to see the best of London’s street art. The Amy Winehouse Statue is located in Camden Market.


Leake Street Tunnel – Waterloo

Go exploring the Leake Street Tunnel which is an important place for street art in the capital. This 300-meters long tunnel is located under the Waterloo train station. To go there, you have to take York Road and then turn on Leake Street, the access to the tunnel is reserved to pedestrians. It’s also called the “Banksy tunnel” because it was initially decorated for the Cans Festival organized by Banksy in 2008. The paintings in the tunnel often change and you may see artists painting during your visit.



Take the Victoria Line and head towards Brixton! A lot of street artists gathered against the closings of shops in Brixton, this is the “Save Brixton Arches Campaign” and so there are many paintings in Brixton now.



You can also enjoy many graffiti while walking on Southbank, along the River Thames. There are many paintings near Waterloo Bridge, and a skatepark with a lot of tags. There are also a lot of restaurants on Southbank if you want to eat or drink something.


Regent’s Park – Frieze Sculpture

From the 5th July to the 8th of October, enjoy the sculptures in the English Gardens of Regent’s Park for the Frieze Summer exhibition. This exhibition is free and the are 25 works by worldwide known artists such as John Chamberlain, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Michael Craig-Martin and many more. In order to know more about the exhibition and the sculptures, you can download the app “Frieze Sculpture Audio Tour”.


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