Recycle your items!

If you need to make some space in your closet or to get rid of the items that you can’t bring back with you in France as your London life is coming to an end, there are Many ways to offer a second life to your items (and to make yourself a little of money)! On the other hand, if you’re moving in a new flat and want to buy reduced items, you’ll find many good deals in this article.

The Charity Shops

The charity shops (or thrift shops) are shops that sell second-hand goods which have been donated, such as clothes, books or furniture. The profits go to charity causes and the shops are run by volunteers. Currently, there are almost 8,500 charity shops in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, and the Charity Retail Association represents their interests.

While walking in London’s streets, you may have seen some of those shops which are run by Oxfam (the biggest Charity Shop retailer in the UK), the Cancer Research UK, the British Red Cross and many others.

If you want to donate some dishes, clothes, or decoration, let’s go to the nearest charity shop and do a good deed by donating!


The Facebook Groups

You can also sell your items on some groups on Facebook. We often see ads on French groups (eg. The French Society) where people on the verge of leaving London give away the furniture, clothes, and items that they can’t bring back to France. But did you know that there are Facebook groups dedicated to the resale of goods such as Recycle your items? On this group, you can sell the items that you want to get rid of, and people wishing to furnish their new flat can find their happiness!



Gumtree is the equivalent of Le Bon Coin in France. Thanks to this website, you can easily put your items up for sale if you don’t want to keep them anymore. For those who just arrived in London, Gumtree is also a low-cost way to furnish your room or flat. You can also use the app Shpock, which is very popular in the UK to sell your items, or Vinted to sell your clothes and fashion accessories.



The car boots are also a good and funny way to sell your items. There are a lot of car boots everywhere in London. Generally, organisers charge exhibitors and visitors individually fees but there are not very high, prices range from £10 to £25. Prices vary whether you choose to come walk-in, with a car or a van. For example, you can participate to the car boot in Kilburn every Saturdays, or even the car boot in Stoke Newington every Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.


Dede Transport

If you want to keep all your clothes and bring them back to France, don’t hesitate to contact Dede Transport. He regularly makes the drive between France and England. He can easily take care of your furniture, pets and items and bring them back to France. You can contact him on his Facebook Page or call him at +44 (0)7462 555445.


So? Are you ready to sort out your items? If you have other good deals, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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