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Moving to London requires a good preparation. Looking for a home is just one of the many step that await you.

Whether you are a student, an intern, traveling, or you decide to take the big step and settle in the British capital, finding an apartment is not an easy thing to do in London. Rents are very expensive and rental agencies are not necessarily reliable.

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Recycle your items!

If you need to make some space in your closet or to get rid of the items that you can’t bring back with you in France as your London life is coming to an end, there are Many ways to offer a second life to your items (and to make yourself a little of money)! On the other hand, if you’re moving in a new flat and want to buy reduced items, you’ll find many good deals in this article.

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Summer sales in London!

If you want to do a shopping trip, let’s go to London for the Summer sales! Whereas the summer sales start today in France, they started two weeks ago in the United Kingdom. Unlike the Winter sales, which always begin on the 26th of December (Boxing Day), there is no starting date for the Summer sales as retailers can set it when they want to. The discounts are really interesting with a lot of shops having sales up to -50% on many products and which can go up to -80%. From luxury shops such as Burberry and Selfridges, to big discounters such as Tk-Maxx and Primark, you’ll find below some precious informations on shops and shopping areas in London.

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Public holidays in England!

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When our French friends are enjoying a lot of public holidays during the summertime, we are less fortunate from the other side of the Channel. Actually, there are 11 public holidays each year in France against 8 in England. The welsh’s public holiday calendar is the same as the English one, but it’s slightly different in Ireland and in Scotland.

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