7 British TV shows you should absolutely watch

British TV series have slowly gained momentum over the last few years and some shows have nothing to envy mainstream American pop culture. These huge waves started with the addictive sci-fi series Doctor Who and were reinforced by the phenomenal success of Downtown Abbey and its scandalous plot twists.

Plus, there is no better way to get accustomed to the British accent and improve your English than watching an episode with Martin Freeman in Sherlock

to honor british television, here are 7 tv shows you should watch if you haven’t already.

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Get active this summer !

Wether you’re heading into outdoors for a bit of peace and quiet, some light exercise or an adrenaline fix, getting active this summer will be great for the mind,body and soul !

You can always head for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park or for a little jog around Hyde Park, but if you’re in need of something a bit different, this list is for you !

let’s get started…move your body ! 

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