Live Music in London

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Can you found something better than having a drink in a nice place with people you love and with live musique?! Don’t worry we can answer this question, we looked into this for a long time…a really long time and there is nothing better !

So we decided to help you : we’re going to give you a list of places and if you want we candevote ourselves to come with you…..

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Bastille Day in London!

Whereas the American were celebrating the Independence Day on the 4th of July, it’s the French’s turn to celebrate the “Bastille Day”. The festivities start this weekend, with a day dedicated to the french way of life in Borough Market on the Sunday 9th of July. Whether you prefer nightclubs, restaurants or enjoying the sun, you will surely find the best place to celebrate the 14th of July in one of the locations below.

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A good deal for ladies: the Drinki app


Unfortunately, when you are a student or in your early twenties and say « I live in London » it is kind of a synonymous for « I am totally broke » ☹. But ladies, we have good news for you today! If I told you that there is an app that allows you to get a free drink in a bar every night of the week in the english capital, what would you say? THANK YOU! Yes I was pretty sure of that 😉 Continue reading