Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2015


2015 is almost coming to its end and Christmas is just 37 days away! In order to make the most eager wait and to immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere of the end of the year, what could be better than a funfair taking place in the largest park in the centre of London? Welcome to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!

The place

Hyde Park is a 350 acres park and also one of the 9 Royal Parks of the English capital. Moreover, you can easily go there as several tube stations of the Central and Piccadilly lines surround the park. It is therefore the ideal place to welcome the Winter Wonderland knowing that for the occasion, the largest ice-skating rink in the United Kingdom is installed!

From November, 20th to January, 3rd 2016 , the 9th edition of the Winter Wonderland will take place. This event is often said to be one of the favourite of Londoners. It is a place where young and old can spend a good time since there are many activities combined to all the magic of Christmas. Since it was launched in 2007, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has welcomed more than 15 million visitors.

The entrance of Winter Wonderland is free of charge, so you can enjoy the magic of the moment and take a stroll through all the different stands. But the temptation is so big that we advise you to come with your wallet full of money ☺

What you can do in Winter Wonderland

  • Ski Zillertal Ice Rink” which extends for 1,600 square metres and has in its centre a bandstand, which will perfectly accompany your pirouettes on the ice!
  • Magical Ice Kingdom ” where you can find numerous ice sculptures as well as a glittering ice castle. You can even have a walk in its Frozen Forest created in 2014
  • The famous “Giant Wheel” which lights up at nightfall and which offers an exceptional view over London.
  • The “Zippos Christmas Circus” show for the whole family and the one of the “Cirque Berserk” perfect sensation shows lovers
  • Ice Bar” where you can enjoy a cocktail and where everything is made of ice including your glass!

You will be charged for all these activities and you can take your tickets directly on site. However, as this funfair is very famous please be aware that you may have to queue for a while. It is better to go there in the evening in the weekdays if your schedule allows it in order to avoid the crowd.

You can find further information about the activities and book your tickets online on the official website of the event so that you won’t worry on the D-Day: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is also known for its various Christmas markets where you will find trinkets and decorations of all kinds. Whatever it takes to make happy your beloved ones at the end of year and (unfortunately) you won’t be able to find excuses for not buying presents! Do not leave the place without walking through the different stands to enjoy a good mulled wine or heat your marshmallows around a giant fire.

Come on, take your warm winter coat and your Christmas spirit and enjoy the Winter Wonderland! You will not regret it ☺

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