Summer sales in London!

If you want to do a shopping trip, let’s go to London for the Summer sales! Whereas the summer sales start today in France, they started two weeks ago in the United Kingdom. Unlike the Winter sales, which always begin on the 26th of December (Boxing Day), there is no starting date for the Summer sales as retailers can set it when they want to. The discounts are really interesting with a lot of shops having sales up to -50% on many products and which can go up to -80%. From luxury shops such as Burberry and Selfridges, to big discounters such as Tk-Maxx and Primark, you’ll find below some precious informations on shops and shopping areas in London.

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Winter sales in London


In the wake of Christmas, bellies are full, closets full of gifts but unfortunately wallets are empty! Don’t panic, this is not a problem in London because the period of winter sales starts on December, 26th with the famous « Boxing Day ».

What is the « Boxing Day » ?

Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the day after Christmas in churches, they used to open boxes where were collected money or objects for the poor and they would distribute them.

It is also told that formerly, the servants had their day off and received as a gift the leftovers of the Christmas meal so they can share it with their families.
This day is important in the field of sports (football and rugby mainly) where are played matches between local rivals.

Nowadays, « Boxing Day » is above all a « shopping party » that launches the winter sales in the United Kingdom. This is a public holiday but no rest for the stores, turned into real boxing rings where elbows shots gush out and where customers are queuing up.

Why to do the sales in London ?

London is somehow a fashion capital: a rather extravagant fashion but a well-known fashion throughout the world. If the prices are usually high, the sales are very advantageous here. During the last week of the sales, the stores can apply 80% discounts. The sales usually last until January 31rd and attract many tourists.

To manage your shopping during the winter sales, it is difficult to give a specific location because you can do your shopping EVERYWHERE in London (and we can’t complain about it ☺) Moreover, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets, so there is no reason not to crack!

Some must-see places

  • Oxford Street: you will find well-known brands and shops in England (Primark, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Selfridges…)
  • Regent Street: this street is renowned to be chic with retailers such as Hamleys and Liberty and a great Apple Store.
  • Brick Lane or Camden flea markets: for the lovers of cheap and vintage items
  • Bond Street: sales are the perfect time to invest in luxury brands (Tiffany Co, Louis Vuitton, Burberry…) and why not going for a stroll in South Kensington to visit the Chanel or the Stella McCartney boutique? 😉
  • Carnaby Street: if you want to mix shopping and gastronomy, this is the place to go ! More than 150 brands and 50 restaurants. Feel free to visit the new designers’ shops if you are in the vicinity.

Still not convinced? Here are some good reasons to let yourself be tempted:

– You can spend the money you received for Christmas while making you new gifts
– You can enjoy a little more the decorations and lightnings of the city
– Go ahead and start to prepare your gifts for next Christmas! Shop smart 😉

Let’s put your most comfortable sneakers and let’s go shopping !

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Good deal for shopping


For the addicts to Shopping

Like me, many of you are looking for good deals for your shopping in the Bristish Capital.

I think I ve got what you need: . A large sign known as PRIMARK .

For all those who do not know, it is imperative that you read this article , this store will be just make you change your view of shopping!


For all the big shopping fans , for all those who want to test the madness of cheap shopping, for addicts to tips and for people who want to find different products in one store.


You will find Primark shops everywhere in the Capital, you can’t miss them! But in my experience, only two are worthwhile.These are the two gigantic stores that are located in the center of London at the ends of Oxford street.

  • Primark Tottenham Court road (3 Tottenham Court Road, W1D 1AU, tube station Tottenham Court Road) .

The primark inTottenham Court road is the one I will recommend you. Indeed, it is well laid out . It is also recent, airy and the queue is much shorter than in other Primark .

  • Primark Marble Arch (499 – 517 Oxford Street, W1K 7DA, tube station Marble Arch).

The primark in Marble Arch is quite similar to the one in Tottenham . But for me I find it slightly less organized and much busier .

Beyond this two giants you ‘ll find more primark shops around London such as :

– Primark Hammersmith (1 Kings Mall, Kings Street, W6 0PZ, tube station Hammersmith).

– Primark Stratford (in Westfield Mall Stratford City, E20 1EL, tube station Stratford).

– Primark Wood Green (N22 6YQ, tube station Wood Green)

Best time to go to PRIMARK ?

The advantage with both primark in the center  is that they have very wide schedules. Indeed they are open daily from Monday to Sunday.

And schedules are made to satisfy all customers:Monday to Saturday , the store is open from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m and Sunday it is open from 10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m.

I’ll give you a tip as an addict to shopping: To be quiet and not to find the crowd I suggest you to go there in the evening around 6 p.m.For those who have more flexible working hours the best time remains in the morning at opening time.

However I do not recommend this shop during the weekend, this is a real obstacle course !

Good to KNOW:

The stores are so big that when you come with your friends, do not forget to give you a meeting point because you can easily spend the all afternoon!

As I said earlier there is usually a long queue for the changing rooms. So to prevent you from wasting time, dress up with simple clothes that  will let you try some clothes in front of the mirrors in the aisles of the store.

And finally, if you have no clear idea about what you want to buy, remember to take a bottle of water or snack, because you will know at what time you gonna start but not when you gonna finish.


In Primark, you will find absolutely everything, and at very cheap price.Ask the experts they will tell you the same.

You will find casual clothing, sportswear, shoes, makeup, jewelry, leather goods and also home equipment(Bath mat, towel, blanket …)and many other products. But I will let you go finding out by yourself.

Now, you know everything. Provide you a good pair of shoes and let’s go shopping !

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