Live Music in London

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Can you found something better than having a drink in a nice place with people you love and with live musique?! Don’t worry we can answer this question, we looked into this for a long time…a really long time and there is nothing better !

So we decided to help you : we’re going to give you a list of places and if you want we candevote ourselves to come with you…..

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Why not celebrate the New Year again?


« Kung Hei Fat Choi » or “Happy New Year” prepare yourself to hear this words in loop during the festivities planned for the Chinese New Year which begin on the 29th of January.

With over 150 000 persons every year, it constitutes one of the most important event among the Chinese community of London but also from all over the world and depending on the Chinese calendar the monkey will pass the relay to the rooster, for a year placed under the symbol of renewal and prosperity. Continue reading

Top 6 hidden and secrets bars in London!

Are you ready for a big hunt to find the most secrets bars in London? We, we are! We chose some places very difficult to find without a real address or sometimes with an exceptional manner or a passcode to enter inside the amazing place… Few bars are like a legend in the city but they exist we found them! So carry on if you are curious or if you fancy a stunning experience and memories in these original bars!silhouette-trou-de-la-serrure_318-52929

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